Video of the Week...February 26, 2019

Do you groan when you hear the phrase “business travel”? Even if you love business travel, it can make it hard to progress on your goals, which is why it’s this week’s topic on the Apochromatik blog.

First, to discover the joy of business travel, argues Joaquim Bretcha, focus on people, an attitude of introspection, and language. Bretcha’s TedX talk is this week’s Video of the Week.
Check back Thursday when we share tips to make business travel more enjoyable and productive.

Taming the Procrastination Monster

Taming the Procrastination Monster

As a kid, did you ever hear a creaking floorboard in the night, and become convinced that there was a fully grown boogieman waiting to pounce out of your closet?  

Procrastinated tasks can become the adult equivalent of monsters in the closet.  You don’t want to admit it, but you see the signs every time you look at your to do list, whether it’s in an app, a spreadsheet, a paper planner, or on a post-it.  Maybe it’s scheduling your annual physical, sending a thank you email, texting your niece, or finding a contractor to finally fix the bathtub.  Or maybe it’s writing an article for a professional publication, filing an amended tax return, getting your job application materials together, reviewing resumes for a position you’re supposed to be filling, or finally cleaning up your office. 

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Video of the Week...February 19, 2019

This week, we’re addressing procrastination on the Apochromatik blog.  For today’s Video of the Week, Mel Robbins explains that procrastination is a habit we adopt as a form of stress relief and shares strategies to interrupt the habit.  Check back Thursday when we share 6 specific tactics to get every procrastinated task off your to do list.