Apochromatik is a coaching and consulting firm.  

Through coaching, we help attorneys and other high achieving professionals move from tolerating their lives and careers to find direction, purpose, and balance, then build the skills and confidence needed to propel their career beyond what they thought possible.  In some cases, clients transition careers with confidence, while in others, they advance in their current role.  We help clients stop tolerating and start intentionally building the life and career they desire.

Through consulting, we help employers develop their leaders and organizations by delivering innovative solutions to their biggest challenges, including engaging trainings, process review, and customized services.  Our solutions result in an improved bottom line, employee effectiveness, and organizational culture. 



Coaching Services

We offer a full range of executive coaching services for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Consulting Services

We offer services to law firms and other organizations seeking organizational change, educational programming and workshops, and strategy.

About Us

We draw on our training and expertise to help individuals, groups and organizations find their focus and move forward.