Have you heard people discussing imposter syndrome?

In 2018, Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral and Amy M. Gardner headlined a webinar for the American Bar Association (ABA) on the imposter syndrome.  In October, the ABA published an article about the webinar and the imposter syndrome.  If you aren’t familiar with the imposter syndrome, or suspect you might sometimes deal with it, click below to read more about it.

9 Ways to Go Beyond the Imposter Syndrome

9 Ways to Go Beyond the Imposter Syndrome

We recently taught a webinar on the imposter syndrome for the American Bar Association.  (ABA members can access the webinar and earn CLE free of charge here.  Non-ABA members can access the webinar with a 15% discount by using the discount code FACMARK at checkout.)  

In conversation with the ABA and program moderator Lacy Durham in advance of the webinar, one of the issues identified was that many people who feel they are a fraud or imposter think they’re unusual or alone, which adds to their shame and difficulty understanding that these feelings are common and not related to qualifications or skill.  We’re prepared this blog post as part of an effort to normalize the feelings of imposterism and help lawyers and other professionals build awareness.  It’s based on the remarks we and Lacy made during the webinar and is intended, in a more cursory way, to provide some brief background and resources.  We encourage you to share it with colleagues and your network to spur more discussion of the imposter syndrome and, in so doing, help remove the stigma around it.  

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