Northwestern Alumni Networking Webinar Follow-up Post

Thank you all for logging on for the Northwestern University Alumni Career Webinar, “3.5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Networking Skills.”

We have listed several resources below to assist you in your networking plan.

Amy Cuddy’s book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges is a great place to start in an effort to make networking opportunities more comfortable.

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Apochromatik's Mentoring Month Roundup

Apochromatik's Mentoring Month Roundup

January was National Mentoring Month.  Mentoring can be one of the most beneficial tools in your career toolbox, but it can be intimidating to figure out how to get someone to mentor you, and it can be easy to give up if you sense a prospective mentor or mentee isn’t excited about working with you.  We addressed aspects of mentoring in depth on the blog during January in the Apochromatik Guide to Mentoring, and provided the Apochromatik Mentor Finder: The Five Step Method to Find Your Mentor, a free tool you can download to start working on finding your mentors.

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Have you heard people discussing imposter syndrome?

In 2018, Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral and Amy M. Gardner headlined a webinar for the American Bar Association (ABA) on the imposter syndrome.  In October, the ABA published an article about the webinar and the imposter syndrome.  If you aren’t familiar with the imposter syndrome, or suspect you might sometimes deal with it, click below to read more about it.

Keith Sbiral featured on Small Town Leadership blog

Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral is currently featured on the Small Town Leadership blog. Check it out to read the leadership lessons Keith learned from growing up in a town of 300 in rural Iowa, and how he builds on those experiences today to help clients master their leadership and career challenges.

Keith still has openings for early 2019. Reach out ASAP for more information!

Are you starting a new job?

Not one but TWO Apochromatik clients are starting new jobs this month.  Both worked with Apochromatik coaches to evaluate their values, their strengths, and the directions they want their careers and lives to go, then worked with Apochromatik coaches to prepare their resumes and cover letters, and to nail their interviews.  

Congratulations to both J. and E.!  In honor of them, this week on the Apochromatik blog, we’re sharing an article on tips for your first day at a new job, featuring advice from Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral.


Stumped on a gift for an important person in your life?

Valentine’s Day is almost here!  If you’re stumped on a gift for your significant other, this Brit + Co article quoting Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner has some great advice for stress-free holiday gifting.

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5 Tips to Ace Your Video Interview

5 Tips to Ace Your Video Interview

You probably remember the hilarity and chaos that ensued when a professor being interviewed live by the BBC was interrupted by his kids.

While that situation was extreme, it’s a good reminder that the best-laid plans for video conversations can sometimes go hilariously awry.  Here are five tips to help you ace your video interview – and avoid becoming a meme in the process.

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Starting a new job or hoping to start a new job this year?

Starting a new job or hoping to start a new job this year? Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral was quoted by Money Crashers in this article on 23 Expert Tips for Your First Day at Work Starting a New Job.

Wanting to making a change in your career but don’t know where to start? Apochromatik can help. Email or to learn more.


Before you take off for the holidays. . . . 

Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral's advice was recently featured in this post about things to do now to set yourself up for success when you return to work after the holidays. The advice applies whether you’re lucky enough to have a long break or just a long weekend.

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Hustle & Flow Podcast Interview

Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner was the guest on the Hustle & Flow Podcast hosted by Heather Hubbard.  You can access the podcast here:

The topic is how to make the most of your annual review, and listeners to the podcast can receive a free download to help you do that.  The podcast is “for ambitious attorneys looking for success and satisfaction in life and law,” but most of the episodes (including this one) apply to any professional trying to make it all work.  Check out the episode and let us know what you think.  

Holiday Stress Have You Stressed?

Does the prospect of “ho ho ho” have you thinking “no no no”?  In the next few weeks, we’ll share resources on how to reduce the stress of the end of the year and the holidays. First, advice from Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner is featured in this Brit + Co article on how to reduce the stress of exchanging gifts with your significant other.

Making Friends in Your Thirties

Apochromatik's Amy M. Gardner was again quoted on the topic of making friends, this time by MyDomaine on making friends in your 30s.  This is a topic we work with many clients on. Check out the article, share your feedback in the comments, and let us know if we can help you expand and deepen your relationships.


Are you busy? Not feeling "put together"?

Big meeting?  Not enough sleep?  Case of the Mondays? Apochromatik's Amy M. Gardner is quoted in this post on 25 Easy Ways to Instantly Feel More Put Together.  Bustle even describes one of Amy's ideas as "genius."  Check it out, and let us know what you think!

The Path to Lawyer Well-Being

Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner served as a peer reviewer for The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change, a report from the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being. The Task Force was conceptualized and initiated by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP), the National Organization of Bar Counsel (NOBC), and the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL).  

Amy drew on her experience as a former Big Law associate, mid-sized firm partner, and law school dean of students who created a much-copied student wellness program to recommend pragmatic changes that law schools, legal employers, and bar organizations can make to reduce the level of toxicity in the legal profession, eliminate the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health and addiction, and create a legal culture where well-being is recognized as a crucial factor in good lawyering.  The full report, including its actionable recommendations, is available at