How to Travel for Work Without Derailing Your Life

How to Travel for Work Without Derailing Your Life

“Business travel.”  Two words that can spur thoughts of luxurious hotels, interesting cities, and free meals.  Or, for those who do a lot of business travel, those words can prompt thoughts of suspicious stains in hotel rooms with thin walls next to the ice machine, repetitive conference rooms, and surviving on Southwest pretzels and granola bars eaten while jogging through airports.  

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Video of the Week...February 26, 2019

Do you groan when you hear the phrase “business travel”? Even if you love business travel, it can make it hard to progress on your goals, which is why it’s this week’s topic on the Apochromatik blog.

First, to discover the joy of business travel, argues Joaquim Bretcha, focus on people, an attitude of introspection, and language. Bretcha’s TedX talk is this week’s Video of the Week.
Check back Thursday when we share tips to make business travel more enjoyable and productive.