And what do clients say after working with Apochromatik?

Latest Case Study:

One of our Apochromatik ResumeRedo clients, Kristy, came to us with a 10 year old resume, not having interviewed for a job in 10 years, and not confident about her network. After help with all of that, she received an offer for a new job with a significant salary increase, signing bonus, dramatically better benefits, and much better advancement opportunities. Through her work with Keith she received an offer she had been waiting for and was exactly what she wanted. She was excited and ready to accept the offer without negotiation. After a coaching call with both Amy and Keith, though, she was able to negotiate a 10% higher starting salary.

Text from Kristy on Monday: “So they made me an offer. Can I talk to you about it sometime tonight? Just need a sounding board.”

Phone call with Kristy Monday night: “I’m not sure why I’m wasting your time with this because he said they can’t negotiate on the salary. And it’s a good offer for a job I really want, so I think I’m going to take it.”

During the phone call, Kristy agreed to make one attempt to ask the employer to raise the salary. Amy worked with her on an approach to make that request the best it could be.

Text from Kristy after phone call: "Thank you! Truly, thank you with all of my heart. Your guidance has been affirming and caring. It’s meant a lot to me.”

Text after making the request using the strategy Kristy developed with Amy: “It worked! He came up more than 10 percent! I said yes!”

You don’t need to go through the job search alone. Working with Amy M. Gardner and Keith R. Sbiral on issues related to career and career transitions can help you go further, faster. And, as Kristy would tell you, investing in Apochromatik’s services has huge dividends. In Kristy's case, in 12 months she will have earned back about 30 times her initial investment, not taking into account that her raises and bonus next year — and every future year — will be based on her starting salary.

If you can find another way to invest in your career with the potential to have a bigger financial pay off, you should do it. Otherwise, if you want to advance in your current job or switch jobs, Apochromatik can help.

Case Study One:

Sarah came to Apochromatik having fallen out of love with her job working in the public interest at a major government agency.  After more than a decade, she felt exhausted, unappreciated, and powerless to change her own job or the organization.  She had applied for multiple promotions and always been passed over — between the internal politics, supervisors’ reliance on her in her current role, and the lack of a clear path to change any of it, it seemed her choice was to stay in her role with frustration mounting, or leave public service all together.  

Instead, by working with an Apochromatik coach, Sarah was able to recognize the things she liked about her job, identify the areas where she needed to improve in order to advance, and address them.  After years of being passed over, after just half of her package’s sessions with an Apochromatik coach, Sarah was promoted, received an annual raise of more than four times the amount of her coaching investment, and found herself finally able to address the issues she had found so stifling and frustrating in her previous role.  As Sarah put it, “I had the pieces before, but [her coach] taught me how to put it all together, and how to apply for and get a promotion.”

Case Study Two:

When Elizabeth started working with an Apochromatik coach, inertia was moving her toward partnership at her AmLaw 50 law firm on the West Coast, despite her concern that it would not be the right fit for her or for her family.  In short, it was simply easier to do than mustering the energy to do something else.  She worked with her Apochromatik coach to identify specific potential career paths, evaluate them objectively, and ultimately pursue and secure a secondment in a general counsel’s office.  The secondment allowed her to see for herself whether that was the right path for her, and ultimately helped her land multiple offers with organizations that were similar to the one where she had completed a secondment, but in a geographical region that was a better fit for her family and for her to build her career.  In addition to helping Elizabeth determine the career path she wanted to pursue, her Apochromatik coach helped her revamp her resume and cover letter, and taught her how to effectively and efficiently customize her materials for different positions.  In addition to her primary coach, Elizabeth benefited from the expertise of a second Apochromatik coach to ensure she was as prepared as possible for multiple panel interviews. Elizabeth reports that Apochromatik coaches taught her how to position herself “to best ‘sell’ [her] work experience,” “adapted to [her] and [her] needs,” were “very knowledgeable” and would “100%” recommend Apochromatik to a friend or colleague.

Case Study Three:

James came to Apochromatik with a goal to figure out whether he should leave his employer or attempt to convince it to allow him to start spending part of his time on a new area of work.  Instead, after working with Apochromatik on everything from confidence to presentation skills, James is now the head of a new unit within his company, spending 100% of his time on the work he loves.  This has led to other major changes and improvements in his life as well, allowing him to finally have a career he loves with much more ease. 

*Names in Case Study examples are changed for anonymity.


“It hit me pretty hard.”

At some point [Amy] named off all the things that I have done, what I was doing, and what I wanted to do. It hit me pretty hard that I did deserve something for myself and me going after my dreams was not a selfish thing.

— Anonymous


“She gave me tools to move forward.”

[Amy] kept me accountable and gave me a different perspective.  She is a wonderful coach who skillfully combines her intelligence, enthusiasm and humor to tackle any topic. She helped me identify what is important in my life and gave me tools to move forward with my personal development. Amy’s coaching truly improved my life.

— Tracy Yip

Keith is very understanding and warm. He provides space for clarity and a teammate in creating plans. He helped me see what I am going through is completely normal and I have the power to change it too!
— Keely Merritt

I would recommend [Amy] because I know that [she] would make sure that my friend or colleague would find the answers within them and [Amy] would team up with them and guide them to the success they are looking for. I felt very honored to have had the opportunity to work with [Amy]. Amy, you are a strong coach and will bring amazing results to all of your clients.

— Jamie J. Fessler

Starting my own business, where I was the sole proprietor and worker, was daunting for me. My confidence was wavering and I knew I had one chance to launch it effectively. This was at the point where Amy helped me see that picking up the pieces of my “to do’s” and putting them in a workable business order was not out of reach. With Amy’s unique business and academic background, her perspective was invaluable. I loved the way she encouraged me, through examples, to find my own solutions.
— Kris Faulk