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“I recommend my clients make a list of what they are looking for even before they begin searching for a job,” says Amy M. Gardner, Certified Professional Coach with Apochromatik.

Amy M. Gardner was featured in a Glassdoor feature article, “6 Steps to Figuring Out If You’ve Got The Right Job Offer”


Women’s Leadership 15 Minute Podcast

Amy M. Gardner was recently featured on Scott Becker's Women’s Leadership Podcast. 

They covered Amy’s path from Luther College to the University of Chicago Law School, and from law firm partner to dean of students to coaching and consulting for lawyers and their employers; goal setting; staying motivated; starting your own business; and more. Please check it out, and be sure to subscribe.  


Here We Glow Podcast

Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner was recently the guest on the Here We Glow podcast, a podcast for emerging professionals hosted by Ashley Davidson. Amy offered practical advice for emerging professionals who strive to find the right mentors and build relationships during their early careers.


“You need both mentors and sponsors in your career because they serve different roles,” says Amy M. Gardner is a career and career transitions coach with Apochromatik. “Mentors serve as a guide, talking you through issues and telling you that you can do it, while sponsors serve as cheerleaders, speaking about you publicly and telling others that you can do it.”

Amy M. Gardner is quoted extensively in Ivy Exec’s article, “Mentor Versus Sponsor: The Differences and How to Find and Work With Them.” Check it out by clicking the link below.


“Even 20 years later, I can still hear his words: ‘Cream rises to the top, Aimer.’ His encouragement has come back to me many times when I've had setbacks in my career or life, and I remember that, no matter how big the challenge, if you keep working hard, it will eventually pay off and you will eventually rise to the top.”

Two of Amy M. Gardners tips have risen to the top of the Fupping article, “9 Of The Wisest Bits Of Advice From Bosses.” Check them out and vote them up at the link below.


“It’s completely natural to have a sense of impostor syndrome when you go out on your own or join a small firm because you’re exposing yourself professionally in a major way,” Sbiral says. “You can’t hide behind a name, firm or the success of a group in a solo or small practice.”

In 2018, Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral and Amy M. Gardner headlined a webinar for the American Bar Association (ABA) on the imposter syndrome.  In October, the ABA published an article about the webinar and the imposter syndrome.  If you aren’t familiar with the imposter syndrome, or suspect you might sometimes deal with it, click below to read more about it.


Here’s Your 6-Month Roadmap to a Better Job in 2019

Apochromatik’s Keith R. Sbiral was recently quoted on GoBankingRates regarding advice to executing a road map for a better job in 2019.

Untitled Design-5.jpg

“Yes, the interviewer is genuinely interested in your stories of success and your ability to be honest about any failures. But he or she also wants to find out if you came prepared…”

Keith R. Sbiral, Principal, Apochromatik, was recently quoted on Fast Company, Glassdoor, and Yahoo Finance regarding the art of interviewing. If you have an interview coming up or need assistance in how to make your interview great check out this article or contact Keith directly.


“[O]pen communication is a key component of a driven team.”

Keith R. Sbiral, Principal, Apochromatik, was recently quoted in Forbes on the topic of getting the most out of your employees. (In essence, building a team.) This is something that many managers, directors, team leaders, and supervisors struggle with.


“Having a personal connection is generally the best way to increase your odds of an interview and eventually the position, but you need to start with your online presence first…” 

Amy M. Gardner notes in, “How to Make Yourself More Hireable,” that your LinkedIn connections are valuable resources.


Leaving your job? What to Say in a Goodbye Email...

Helping our clients determine the next steps in their careers sometimes means helping them prepare for a change.  When that’s the case, your goodbye email to your current employer can get overlooked in the flurry of wrapping up your position, but is a great opportunity to leave with grace and gratitude.  Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner wrote a guest post for Corporette (the blog about “fashion, lifestyle, and career advice for overachieving chicks”) on the topic of goodbye emails.  Please check it out! 


Why Using Your Paid Time Off Actually Matters

Chicago-based executive coach Keith R. Sbiral holds the same philosophy:

“Think about it — if you are stumped by a crossword puzzle, what do you do? You put it down and come back to it later. The same is true of your career or job. Not only can you learn from being away and bring back new ideas, you can literally use the break as a reset to come back with fresh eyes. There should be no pride in being the person in the office that says, ‘I haven't taken a vacation in five years.’ Chances are that person simply isn't performing at their best level.”


Is it smart to bring up your side hustle during a job interview?

You still have to be careful about optics when you get the job and start work, says executive coach Amy M. Gardner. She says that you should avoid talking about your side gig at your new job and recommends having safeguards in place so it is clear that you aren’t working on it at work or using work resources.

“Bring your personal tablet or computer to work if you need to do something for your side hustle during your lunch, leave the office for side hustle–related calls, and set aside vacation or personal days so you can use them for your side hustle when necessary,” she suggests.

And remember that your co-workers might immediately point to your other job if you seem distracted or have lackluster performance at work, even if they’re completely unrelated, so make sure to always give 100%.


7 Habits Highly Successful People Have In Common

"Believe it or not, successful people don't work 24/7, but instead learn how to better manage their time. And they get more accomplished as a result. "They remember that there are 168 hours per week, and time to do anything they need, but not everything they want," Amy M. Gardner, a certified professional coach with Apochromatik, tells Bustle. "They track their time periodically so they know where it goes."

So grab yourself a calendar, and get to it. "Getting on top of your time is something anyone can do," Gardner says. "Just start tracking where your time goes for a week and assess whether you're spending it in a way consistent with your values.""


11 Guilt-Free Tips for Saying “No” in Your Social Life

"Consider, for example, keeping your Saturday afternoons free or establishing a price threshold above which you won’t be able to attend an event. “Adopting a policy is a way of drawing a boundary,” coach and consultant Amy Gardner tells us. “Because it’s presented as policy, [the statement] ‘I don’t want to do the thing you asked me to do’ doesn’t convey the same judgment.”


Professionals Share Tips for Becoming More Inspired & Efficient in 2018

"It sounds counterintuitive, but I've found that when I invest time in exercising, I'm much more productive and efficient and have more energy.  I am also less likely to waste time during the day if I know I need to be finished at work in time to get to the gym or need to go to bed early so I can be up early." -- Amy M. Gardner


Start now to become tomorrow’s legal leader

Find a mentor. This can also help you sharpen your leadership skills, but finding the right one can be an art. Check out “Finding a Mentor: You Don’t Have to Go It Alone in Law School” on p. 20 for tips. “Ideally you’ll have several mentors,” said Amy M. Gardner, a lawyer and certified professional coach at Apochromatik in Chicago. “You want to have people you can go to when you aren’t sure of the next step, trusted mentors who can give you advice and guidance.” Along the same lines, finding a champion in your organization who’ll make sure you get the right work and experience can help you carve out a leadership role, Gardner said.


8 Secrets of People Who Never Miss a Workout

A due date—in the form of a scheduled race—is motivation magic. “I started running in 2017 and part of how I got myself to run was registering for a 5K and planning to do it with friends,” says Amy M. Gardner, certified coach and consultant with Apochromatik. After her first 5K in April, she signed up for another in September and a 15K the following month. “Whether it was not wanting to finish a race dead last or just wanting to keep a commitment to friends, it helped me get out the door on the days when running wasn't remotely appealing,” she says. “By the time I registered for an 8K on Thanksgiving Day, I was doing it because I knew it would be fun and didn't need the peer pressure/embarrassment threat to get myself training [anymore].”


University of Chicago Webinar Series

Amy M. Gardner co-presented a webinar on attorneys and change for the University of Chicago in December, 2017.  The webinar is available free, and no University of Chicago affiliation is necessary to view it.  The session addresses changes on the horizon in the legal profession, the psychology of change and how to shift from anxiety about change to embracing it and thriving, and action steps to prepare yourself now to be able to embrace change and maintain your sanity and sense of humor. 


11 Old-Fashioned Ways People Showed Kindness That We Should Bring Back

"Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon to just go to [someone's house] to visit without an agenda other than a chat, especially when people were ill or going through a tough time," Amy M. Gardner, JD, CPC, ELI-MP, a certified professional coach with Apochromatik, tells Bustle. While you don't want to barge in when they're busy, it might be fun to surprise someone, simply by popping by.


University of Chicago Webinar Series

Keith R. Sbiral presented a webinar on career transitions for the University of Chicago in February, 2018.  The webinar is available free, and no University of Chicago affiliation is necessary to view it.  The webinar addresses how to evaluate a career transition, and how to move forward regardless of whether you decide to pursue a transition or stay in your current position.


The Resilient Lawyer Podcast

Amy M. Gardner was a guest on the Resilient Lawyer podcast, where she spoke with Jeena Cho about her career path, goal-setting, an actionable and practical time management tool you can use to get on top of your time and find more of it, and the most important hour you and your significant other can spend together each week.


Hustle & Flow Podcast

Amy M. Gardner was a guest on the Hustle & Flow podcast with Heather Hubbard.  Amy addressed performance reviews: how to prepare for them, what to do during them, and what to do afterwards.


23 Expert Tips for Your First Day at Work Starting a New Job

“You’ll meet many coworkers who will want to tell you ‘their side’ of its operations, practices, procedures,” says Keith Sbiral, principal at Chicago-based professional coaching and consultancy firm Apochromatik. “This can be very distracting if you get sucked into potential gossip or cliques early on, so keep an open mind and maintain neutrality.”

You’ll have plenty of time to form your own opinions about anything and everything relevant to your job: your colleagues, your boss’ management style, your organization’s strategic vision and priorities. Just not on your first day.

“Your job is to be a sponge first and judge the information later,” says Sbiral.


A Better You...

Resist your temptation to shout your goals from the rooftops--research shows that sharing your goals broadly can trick your brain into thinking you're well on your way to achieving them without having put forth any effort, thus making you less likely to achieve them.  instead, share your goals only with your support system until you start to make progress.


How to avoid falling into a post-holiday slump at work

“Find a time management or goal setting program that will fit your workflow and really make a difference in your new year,” says Keith Sbiral, principal at Apochromatik, a coaching and consulting firm in Chicago. “These can range from David Allen’s Getting Things Done to Michael Hyatt’s Best Year Ever book and webinar.”


Most workers say that they’d rather skip the holiday party. Here’s how to survive it.

An open bar is often one of the biggest perks of a holiday bash, but there’s no negotiating that you’ve got to restrict your intake. Amy Gardner, a coach with Apochromatik, a professional counsulting firm, goes by the following rule: "Don’t drink more than you would in front of a prospective client."


9 Ways to Help Save Money & Stress Less on Holiday Shopping

The point of holiday gifts isn't to perfectly express every aspect of your relationship, says Amy M. Gardner, a 42-year-old certified executive coach in Chicago, IL.

Often, people think of an item a person might like and then try to find it at the lowest price, she adds. Instead, Gardner recommends first choosing a spending limit for each person, then only looking at gifts within budget that match the recipient's personality and interests.


5 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Gifting With Your Spouse

Certified professional coach Amy M. Gardner offers a prime example of a couple that wasn’t clear about expectations — and while they might be fictional, the awkwardness of their interaction feels painfully real. When Emma Thompson’s character in Love Actually receives a CD instead of the beautiful necklace she expected, it’s a cringe-worthy moment for all. To avoid a similar situation with your own spouse, communicate early on about the expectations you each have for the season’s round of gifting. Gardner suggests setting guidelines about budget, handmade versus store-bought, and whether the items gifted should be things you want or things you need.


25 Easy Ways To Instantly Look And Feel More Put Together

"When you find an outfit you know you look and feel great in, save it for the days you're exhausted, have a big meeting, or aren't feeling your best," says executive coach Amy M. Gardner, of Apochromatik. "That way, the day after too little sleep or when you are worried about other things, you know just want to put on that will help you feel your best, despite the nerves or exhaustion."


The Secret to Making Friends in Your 30s

“We all have people in our lives who we sort of know: the neighbor you say hello to, the woman you see at yoga every week, or the woman you see every day in line at the coffee shop,” says Amy M. Gardner, a certified professional coach with Apochromatik. “You already have something in common with them, so rather than starting from scratch, focus on getting to know those friendly acquaintances better.”


15 Easy Hacks That Will Make You On Time—All The Time

Another solution is to circumvent the travel time altogether and host any meetings or engagements at your place. “That way, you don’t have to incorporate the travel time. You just have to make sure you’re ready to meet on time—which is easier,” says Amy M. Gardner, former dean of students at the University of Chicago Law School and the co-founder of Apochromatik, an executive coaching firm.


11 of the Best Ways to Make Friends, According to Science

Use the exposure effect to your benefit: The more often you are exposed to someone, the more likely you are to like the person. "Without becoming a lurker, spend more time at a place where you like to hang out anyway," says Gardner. "The more you do, the more likely you are to be repeatedly exposed to people who have something in common with you."