Specially Curated Cohorts

To ensure you get the most out of your mastermind investment, we carefully curate cohorts of between 10 and 12 members who have a similar direction in life and a diversity of experience that will build a foundation for your achievement.

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Attorneys have unique pressures and concerns so we have created a special cohort just for you. Attorneys working at large, midsize, or small firms; in-house attorneys; public sector attorneys; and attorneys working in not-for-profit organizations will benefit from this cohort. Our Certified Professional Coaches regularly work with attorneys and include a former Big Law associate who became a partner at a mid-sized firm, and experts in management and productivity.

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This group is specifically for Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Public Servants, Creatives, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and anyone with personal and professional goals to meet in 2019.

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Studies show that retirees who don’t have a plan of action for their retirement are more likely to suffer depression and even die early. This is particularly frustrating since many people work their entire lives to enjoy retirement. 2019 can be the year you embrace what you always wanted and start moving toward that reality. Let this mastermind help you create goals and plans to address your retirement future and achieve the dreams you finally have time for.

What Will Future in Focus 2019 Do for Me?

Have you discovered the truth behind the old adage that if you keep doing what you've done, you'll keep getting what you've gotten?  Join a mastermind group designed by the Certified Professional Coaches at Apochromatik and finally achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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You will have a foundation of support to ensure you achieve your personal and professional goals, your vision will become clear, and you will have the accountability infrastructure to change your life.

Imagine your questions answered, problems solved, and a focus on your achievement like you have never had before!  

This is about you. Play big. Invest in yourself. Start now.

Working with a group of 10-12 motivated people with similar ambitions and a diversity of experience, you will:

  • Gain clarity as to what you want, truly find your “why,” and how to achieve goals.

  • Build your business, get new clients, enjoy business development, and naturally network in a supportive environment.

  • Regain the energy you had when you began on your professional journey and achieve a balance between your professional and personal life.

  • Dramatically improve your odds of achieving more than you ever imagined in less time than you ever thought possible.

  • That one is worth repeating…Dramatically improve your odds of achieving more than you ever imagined in less time than you ever thought possible.

  • Work with TWO Apochromatik Certified Professional Coaches in a curated group setting that will foster effective planning, goal development, and achivement.

What Is Included?

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  • All program materials.

  • 1 Day Live Kickoff Seminar in Chicago, IL.

  • 1 YEAR LONG subscription to the Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner (a tool you can’t live without).

  • 1 Virtual Kickoff two weeks after the Live seminar reuniting the entire group.

  • 1 Private coaching session with an Apochromatik Certified Professional Coach to be scheduled at your convenience (mid-program).

  • 24 Weekly group check-ins via your dedicated Slack/Facebook group to report on your previous Big Three and receive support and accountability on your new weekly Big Three.

  • 6 Monthly live Zoom seminars (set aside approximately 2 hours) where every person has the opportunity to participate in an Autofocus Seat where your specific challenges will be addressed by Apochromatik certified professional coaches and your peers. (Video taped and available for review in case you have a conflict.)

  • 1 Final Virtual Development Session to report on your amazing success and set you up for your next steps to success.

  • 10% off ALL Apochromatik products & services for 2019.