At Apochromatik, we draw on extensive experience in legal education, law firms, and management to work with law firms and other organizations on a variety of issues.  We are flexible, agile, and pragmatic.  Our engagements reflect a commitment to work with each client in their own specific circumstances.  

We are based in Chicago and work with clients across the United States and Europe.

Services and Strategies

We work with law firms and other organizations to update their recruiting, training, and retention practices to address the needs and expectations of law students and young lawyers, and young professionals starting their career.      

We also create and conduct trainings on a variety of topics, either as stand-alone offerings or as part of a consulting engagement.  Trainings and presentations can be incorporated as part of your in-office training programming or an off-site retreat.  Our expertise and experience ensure that these customized, interactive trainings are well-received and productive. 

Topics include managing millennials, working with professionals from other generations, performance management, giving and receiving feedback/performance review process improvement, building successful mentor/mentee relationships, executive presence and how to enhance yours, gender issues in the workplace, being a leader wherever you are in your career, finding balance and satisfaction, organization management, personnel management, operational efficiency, workplace harassment, and time management.  We can provide materials to ensure satisfaction of CLE and other continuing education requirements. 

We Create a Strategy for You

Please see our coaching page for more information on one-on-one executive coaching, either as requested by individual executives and lawyers, or as hired by employers to work with employees.

We will consult and work with you to address problems specific to your organization.  Whether changing the direction of executive management or on-boarding new employees, we can provide strategies and assistance to move your organization forward.