Executive, Personal, Career, Transition, and Team Coaching

We help attorneys, executives, and other professionals determine where they want their careers and lives to go.  Utilizing confidential, one-on-one coaching and other tools, we then support our clients in achieving their short- and long-term goals to develop the careers and lives they want.  

We also offer group coaching for teams.  In some cases, we are hired by individuals, while in others, employers hire us to work with individuals or groups.  

We offer a full range of coaching packages, as well as customize offerings to meet clients’ specific needs.  For clients exploring career transitions, packages may include coaching sessions, resume and cover letter review, and mock interviews (either with their primary coach or a second coach for an additional perspective).  Depending upon the package, coaching sessions are often coupled with assessment tools.  

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If you are worried about waking up a year from now and finding you have not made progress on changing the things you are tolerating in your life or career, executive coaching with Apochromatik can help you eliminate the distortions and distractions and develop the tools to move forward.
— Amy M. Gardner