The Apochromatik blog is back! Job Search | VOTW 090319

The Apochromatik blog is back!

Throughout the month of September, we’re focusing on the job search process. 

September is a great time to jump start your job search. Without vacation plans and nice weather to distract you, it’s harder to ignore that you’re merely tolerating your job and due (or overdue) for a change. It’s also an ideal time to make progress before the holidays and end of year slowdown. From the perspective of employers, it’s easier to schedule interviews without competition from vacations, supervisors often have incentives to fill positions before the end of the budget year, and it becomes harder for coworkers to cover an open position with everything back in full swing.

As we kick off a month focusing on the job search process, we’re starting where your search should: networking. Whether or not you’re looking for a new position, this week’s Video of the Week, on “How to Hack Networking” has great advice to reinvigorate your network without going to cocktail parties full of strangers. In the video, David Burkus, author of the book Friend of a Friend. . .: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career, examines the science behind networks and tactics of the best networkers to go beyond chitchat and build true relationships.

For a bonus video, watch Mark E. Sackett’s TEDx talk on the art of active networking and how to go beyond stacks of business cards thrown in a drawer. (Caution for those watching at work: Sackett uses some four letter words and blunt language as he shares his unique approach.)

Be sure to come back next week as we tackle your application materials, from cover letters to résumés to references.