Job Search Month: Networking

September is a great time to jump start your job search, so throughout the month, we’re focusing on different elements of the process.

This week, we’re starting where your search should: networking. Whether or not you’re looking for a new position, no one has ever regretted having a strong network. From client referrals to moral support to, yes, help finding a new job, your network is an important asset you must invest in. In fact, studies show that 70 percent of jobs are filled through a networking contact,  and the average annual income for workers who got their job with a referral is 6% higher than those who didn’t.

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We have plenty of resources to help you enhance your network and strengthen your relationships.

If you’re just getting started, begin with our four part series on How to Build A Network From Scratch in 15 Minutes A Week. If you’re new to building a network, you’ll want to watch our networking 101 webinar, Going Beyond Networking Coffees: 3.5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Networking Skills.

If you find networking events stressful, our advice on holiday parties applies any time of year.

You’ll want to be sure to avoid networking mistakes, particularly the three common networking mistakes we covered here.

One common networking mistake is not understanding that networking is a two-way street. For three different ways to (easily) serve your network, check out our post Serve Your Network a Little ICE.

If you’d rather listen than read, start with our Videos of the Week on Networking, from "5 Ways to Listen Better” to “How to Hack Networking.”

Short on time? In just 60 seconds, you can learn five ideas to expand your network or three tips to make networking less awkward.

Finally, LinkedIn should be an important part of your networking strategy, whether you are seeking to advance in your current position or want to make a change. From reconnecting with former coworkers to staying up on industry news, establishing yourself within your field, and as the first place many employers look when they come across your résumé or are looking to fill a position, LinkedIn can’t be overlooked. Yet many professionals haven’t touched their profiles in far too long, or don’t know where to start to make their profile reflect all they have to offer.

So, as we celebrate Apochromatik's third anniversary in September, we are giving a gift to each of our Résumé Redo and coaching clients: a free LinkedIn profile review. To ensure your profile can help you take full advantage of LinkedIn as a great networking tool, sign up for a Résumé Redo or coaching package this month.