Live Webinar This Thursday | VOTW 100119

This week’s Video of the Week is a live webinar this Thursday.

Join Apochromatik’s Amy M. Gardner for a free webinar on how to effectively give feedback the recipient needs to hear.

You know your life will be easier if you can train the people you supervise to do a better job, whether it's your assistant processing your reimbursements, the junior staff completing a project, or your kids to just clean their rooms already. And being able to give helpful feedback when your supervisor or peer asks can help your relationship and help you be seen as a leader. But giving feedback seems fraught with peril. You don't want to be seen as difficult or unpleasant to work for, but just saying "looks fine" and secretly redoing work yourself isn't helping you or anyone else.

In this webinar, you will learn how to give feedback in a way that actually gets the results you want, and that helps the recipient learn and grow.

Join us Thursday at 12 eastern for this webinar hosted by the Northwestern Alumni Association. There is no cost, and no Northwestern affiliation is necessary to join. Register here.

This webinar is a more basic and general version of our popular live trainings on how to give feedback. If your office could benefit from a customized training on giving feedback (we can incorporate informal feedback as well as formal review processes, and deliver trainings in-person or over video), email to discuss options.