Job Search Month: Interviewing | VOTW 091719

September is a great time to jumpstart your job search, as Vault recently discussed, observing "September is a great time to catch that last wave of recruiting before the New Year.”  We started off the month focusing on networking, last week we moved to application materials, and this week we’re focusing on the next step of the job search process: interviewing.  

A good job interview is more conversation than inquisition. That’s why this week’s Video of the Week addresses 10 ways to have a better conversation.  Even if you’re not on the job market right now, this week’s video will help you build relationships with coworkers, clients, friends, and family members.  Invest 11 minutes to learn how to be great at this essential skill from radio host Celeste Headlee.  And come back Tuesday for more tips on interviewing.  

Want a bonus video? “What I learned from 32 grueling interviews” by Ashwini Mrinal Bhagat is a relatable, interesting, and humorous look at what one Indian woman went through in the process of landing her first job, from interview formats that ended up very different than expected, jobs that didn’t turn out as advertised, and the employer who rejected her for wearing a green dress. Ultimately, she learned she needed a brand, to do her best in any situation, and to be persistent.