Executive Presence: A key element of leadership

When you think of leadership skills, executive presence may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

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But your executive presence — essentially, the way you show up and whether you project confidence and competence, can make decisions, and hold your own with others — can have an enormous impact on your success.

That’s why it’s the topic for today’s post. First, start with our post on How to Improve Your Executive Presence Quickly and Easily.

Then watch Keith R. Sbiral’s interview on executive presence and overcoming the fear of public speaking on the "A Road to You" Youtube channel.

Next up is Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk, which teaches simple ways to improve your body language, presence, and results. (And don’t miss the bonus videos at the link!)

Finally, if improving your executive presence is a priority, check out the Apochromatic Executive Presence Book Bundle. The three books it includes are all approachable, clear resources that will help you improve your executive presence.

Of course, if you or your team can benefit from further assistance with executive presence, your personal professional brand, or public speaking, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We offer one-on-one coaching customized to your needs and designed to help you improve quickly, as well as group workshops from one hour up to a full day.