Summer Starts Tomorrow

Summer officially starts tomorrow, and the second half of 2019 starts in just a few days!

True, at least in Chicago, summer hasn’t quite completely taken hold yet as it is 55 degrees out today. But the end of the quarter is a great time to take stock of where your year is going and to consider the balance between your vocation and avocation and personal and professional lives.

At Apochromatik, we practice what we preach. In a week we will be in Boston for a travel conference, meeting with photographers and writers, and refiling the tank. Granted, we will continue to work with clients and focus on their needs (career transitions, interviews, and opportunities don’t take a break), but we will also be focusing on topics not related to Apochromatik.

It is important to schroynize your goals, values, and interests. Keith R. Sbiral discussed this topic in a well-received presentation for the University of Chicago recently, and for this week’s blog post we share how you can achieve what Keith calls Whole Life Synchronization.