3 Resources for Executive Presence Excellence

—Keith R. Sbiral

Today we continue our discussion on executive presence. As you know, this topic extends far beyond public speaking; executive presence can define your professional image and thus have a substantial effect on your career.

While you can scour the internet for great resources on executive presence, muddle through recommendations, and slowly work through reading lists, we know your time, energy, and resources are limited. So this week we are announcing our first Apochromatik Book Bundle. We believe these 3 books provide a solid foundation of material for our clients working to improve their executive presence. These books are short (200-250 pages) and each are a relatively quick read while still providing a solid foundation so that you can build your skills and achieve your goals on the given topic.

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This week we look at three resources to help you build your executive presence and personal brand. Amazon links to purchase hard copies of these books are included below, but you can get them on any reading app, library, or even the used book store.

Of course, if you can benefit from further assistance with executive presence, your personal professional brand, or public speaking, don’t hesitate to contact us directly as we regularly work with clients on these issues.

So without further blog text…here it is, the Apochromatik Executive Presence Book Bundle:

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others 

Hardcover – November 18, 2011

by Kristi Hedges  (Author)

Everyone recognizes leaders with "presence." They stand out for their seemingly innate ability to command attention and inspire commitment. But what is this secret quality they exude, exactly? Executive and CEO coach Kristi Hedges demystifies this elusive trait, revealing that leadership presence is the intersection of outward influencing skills and internal mental conditioning.

Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader 

Hardcover – February 10, 2015

by Herminia Ibarra  (Author)

You aspire to lead with greater impact. The problem is you’re busy executing on today’s demands. You know you have to carve out time from your day job to build your leadership skills, but it’s easy to let immediate problems and old mind-sets get in the way. Herminia Ibarra—an expert on professional leadership and development and a renowned professor at INSEAD, a leading international business school—shows how managers and executives at all levels can step up to leadership by making small but crucial changes in their jobs, their networks, and themselves.

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges 

Hardcover – December 22, 2015

by Amy Cuddy  (Author)

Have you ever left a nerve-racking challenge and immediately wished for a do over? Maybe after a job interview, a performance, or a difficult conversation? The very moments that require us to be genuine and commanding can instead cause us to feel phony and powerless. Too often we approach our lives' biggest hurdles with dread, execute them with anxiety, and leave them with regret. 

By accessing our personal power, we can achieve "presence," the state in which we stop worrying about the impression we're making on others and instead adjust the impression we've been making on ourselves. As Harvard professor Amy Cuddy's revolutionary book reveals, we don't need to embark on a grand spiritual quest or complete an inner transformation to harness the power of presence. Instead, we need to nudge ourselves, moment by moment, by tweaking our body language, behavior, and mind-set in our day-to-day lives.