1 Year Ago Today...

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A year ago we first shared our Apochromatik website and launched our Apochromatik Facebook page.  

Since then, we’ve built our business to the point where we both now work with our coaching and consulting clients full-time.

Along the way, we’ve helped our coaching clients reinvest in their careers, figure out where they want their careers and lives to go, and have helped them get there.  In the process, we’ve helped them go from careers they tolerated to ones that inspire and excite them again.  In some cases that has meant helping clients develop the skills they needed to advance in their current positions, in others that’s meant helping them move into new jobs, and in still others that has meant making major career changes.  The vast majority of Amy’s coaching clients are attorneys, while Keith works with a wide range of professionals.    
We’ve also worked with our consulting clients to prepare and deliver trainings on career issues such as how to give feedback, how to receive feedback, gender issues in the workplace, time management, goal achievement, and how to be a good mentor or mentee to help clients’ mentoring programs be more successful.  

We’ve taught webinars for the American Bar Association on the imposter syndrome and for the University of Chicago on managing change, networking, and career transitions; been guests on podcasts including the Resilient Lawyer and Hustle & Flow; spoken at conferences and events including the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois’ Women in Law Summit; and have been cited by media ranging from Bustle to Monster to NBC to Women’s Running.  (Many of these resources are available free of charge via the media page on our website.)  

We’re excited for what the next year has in store.  In the next few weeks alone we will work with coaching clients, deliver trainings for major law firms across the country, participate in a resume review for University of Chicago alumni, deliver a webinar for Northwestern University alumni on mentoring, and conduct a workshop for a women’s lawyers group in Chicago on negotiating compensation.

We are grateful to be able to use our expertise and skills to serve clients across the US and in Europe.  We appreciate every referral and everyone who visits our website, has joined our email list, or follows Apochromatik on Facebook or LinkedIn.  Thanks to you, we are able to spend every day helping our clients move forward.  We often ask “If you woke up a year from now and everything was the same as it is today, how would you feel?”  Thanks to you, things look very different for Apochromatik than they did a year ago.

We can’t wait for the next year.

Thank you, and happy Apo-versary!

Amy & Keith

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