Apochromatik's Holiday Guide: Make this your best holiday season yet

The holidays are upon us!  With the combination of work parties, family activities, and an expanded to do list, it can be easy to consider December another challenge to get through.  Instead, we’ve rounded up some of our resources on the holidays, both articles that have quoted us as experts, and our own blog posts that can help you end December with deepened work relationships, having advanced your career, and with time and energy left for your most important relationships. So make yourself some cocoa and take a few minutes to learn how to make December a season to cherish rather than endure. 

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How to approach and benefit from holiday parties
Does the phrase “office holiday party” stress you out?  It doesn’t have to.  This article from NBC quotes Amy M. Gardner and gives specific tips you can follow to make the most of your office holiday party.

In fact, holiday parties can help you expand your network, as we explained in this Apochromatik blog post.  

Give gifts inside and outside the office without blowing your budget, offending your coworkers, or ticking off your spouse

Does the thought of picking out a gift for a coworker sound dreadful?  Ignore the advice you’ll see this time of year on other websites (no, your assistant doesn’t actually want a book on efficiency, a hot pink stapler, or a donation to charity) and review our guide of what not to give and some great go to gifts.  

Want to save money on holiday shopping?  Check out this Citibank article quoting Amy M. Gardner on how to do just that.

No idea what to give your significant other?  This Brit + Co article featuring advice from Amy M. Gardner can help you remove the stress of exchanging gifts with your significant other.

Reduce and manage stress 
Do the holidays stress you out?  Amy M. Gardner is quoted in this Citibank article featuring 5 quick tips to reduce holiday stress. 

During this time when you’re trying to make the holidays special for everyone else, be sure to make time to care for yourself.  It needn’t be time-consuming or expensive — as Amy M. Gardner explains in this article, it can be as simple as spending a few minutes reflecting on the things for which you’re grateful.  

Take Advantage of the Quiet Days in the Office
Working while your coworkers are out?  Don’t just watch cat videos when you find yourself in a mostly empty office — make the most of it by following some of our 12 suggestions for ways to invest the day

Avoid the Post-Holiday Slump
It can be tempting to shut down your computer and escape for the holidays as quickly as you can.  But, as Keith R. Sbiral explains in this Monster.com post, there are a few simple things that you should do now to set yourself up for success when you return to work after the holidays. The advice applies whether you’re lucky enough to have a long break or just a long weekend.

Get your Résumé Ready for 2019
The first quarter of the year is the best time to land a new job. Make sure your materials are in shape by going to www.resumeredo.com.

How Will 2019 Look for You?
Will 2019 be the year you finally stop sliding through your career and start deciding?  Will 2019 be the year when you finally achieve your goals and feel the sense of pride and accomplishment you deserve?  

Contact Apochromatik now to talk about coaching and Mastermind options for 2019.  Whether through one-on-one coaching or through a small group Mastermind, we’ll help you pick the option that’s best for your goals and budget.  If going it alone isn’t getting you where you want to go, take action today.