You've had the Thanksgiving it is Cyber Monday!

It’s Cyber Monday!  Ready for a deal that will help YOU?

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You’ve had the Thanksgiving Feast...

Stood in line for the deals of the century...

Took a nap over the weekend and watched a game, binge watched that show you have been wanting to watch, or spent time with friends or family...

And now?

You are back at work.

Things haven’t changed since before the holiday, have they?  They probably won’t change in the new year either.  In fact, they probably haven’t changed for a long time now, right?

Are you ready to move your career to the next level?

What steps are you taking to make sure that happens?

The first quarter of the new year is the best time to land that new job or change in your career that you were thinking about while you digested that Thanksgiving dinner.  

While the holiday season is very busy for everyone, this is the best time to get your application materials, résumé, references, and plan in order so that you hit the ground running in January.  Despite all of your commitments this holiday season, take time to make sure you are ready for Q1 2019!

Résumé Redo will prepare you to feel confident in your next job application or career move.

Today only, purchase any Résumé Redo package and receive a BONUS from Apochromatik.  Sign up on Cyber Monday and receive our cheat sheet to salary negotiations: “A Winning Approach for Your Negotiation Skills,” free!

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Give yourself and your family the gift of setting yourself up for career success in 2019.