One of our most popular trainings is on how to solicit and respond to feedback, both during and outside the formal review context.  (We also train supervisors on how to give meaningful feedback.)  As we speak to people who have made time to attend a training on making the most of feedback, we often hear that they are “too busy” to prepare for their review.  As we always say, that’s like saying “I was so busy packing for vacation that I didn’t have time to book a plane ticket.”  Your review may be the one time all year when you and your boss both carve out time to sit and talk about your career.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  

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We’ve prepared a guide on how to prepare for your review, what to do during it,  and what to do afterwards.  Amy M. Gardner also discussed annual review preparation on the Hustle & Flow podcast (geared to lawyers but a great resource for professionals in any field), which you can listen to here.  Don’t have time to review these resources right now?  Bookmark this blog post, but be sure to enter your email address to receive updates and free resources in the future.

We often work with our clients to prepare for their reviews, figure out how to solicit more helpful feedback beyond the usual platitudes, build on and respond to positive feedback, and learn from and improve on areas for improvement.  If your career could benefit from having someone in your corner to help you not just have a great review this year, but set yourself up for your best review ever next year, let us know.  

Your salary, end of year bonus (for those lucky enough to have one), and your employment status all depend on you taking your review seriously.  Take advantage of these tools to make the most of this year’s review.  

What advice do you have for people preparing for an annual review?