Video of the Week...November 20, 2018

Around the holidays we tend to think more about gratitude and the people and things for which we’re thankful. Expressing that gratitude is important for you personally, and for your personal and professional relationships. In time for Thanksgiving, this week’s Video of the Week is a TedXBellevue talk by former professional baseball player Mike Robbins on "The Power of Appreciation.” It focuses on the important distinction between "recognition" and "appreciation.”  

Understanding the distinction between them allows you to have much more impact, meaning, and productivity in your life and with the people around you. He also discusses how to maintain a habit of expressing appreciation, how to accept a compliment, and important research in the field of positive psychology. He also shares what it felt like as a professional pitcher when he was pulled off the mound mid-game. You’ll view appreciation in a whole new light — and be less likely to taunt an exiting pitcher in the future.