Video of the Week...Tuesday, October 23, 2018

One of our most popular training topics is feedback — both how to give feedback (for supervisors) and how to solicit and react to feedback (for everyone).  With annual review time quickly approaching in many offices, we’ve been busy delivering customized trainings around the country.  With the topic on so many people’s minds, this week we’re focusing on receiving feedback.  First, in today’s Video of the Week, Triad Consulting Group Founder and Harvard Law School Lecturer Sheila Heen explains why it’s critical for your career to learn to solicit, receive, and process feedback.  Her TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen explains that feedback is at the junction of the human need to learn and grow and the need to be accepted and respected the way we are now.  Check back for Thursday’s blog post on how to prepare for your review and how to respond to feedback you receive in your review.