And what do clients say after working with Apochromatik?

“It hit me pretty hard.”

At some point [Amy] named off all the things that I have done, what I was doing, and what I wanted to do. It hit me pretty hard that I did deserve something for myself and me going after my dreams was not a selfish thing.

— Anonymous

“She gave me tools to move forward.”

[Amy] kept me accountable and gave me a different perspective.  She is a wonderful coach who skillfully combines her intelligence, enthusiasm and humor to tackle any topic. She helped me identify what is important in my life and gave me tools to move forward with my personal development. Amy’s coaching truly improved my life.

— Tracy Yip

Keith is very understanding and warm. He provides space for clarity and a teammate in creating plans. He helped me see what I am going through is completely normal and I have the power to change it too!
— Keely Merritt

I would recommend [Amy] because I know that [she] would make sure that my friend or colleague would find the answers within them and [Amy] would team up with them and guide them to the success they are looking for.  I felt very honored to have had the opportunity to work with [Amy]. Amy, you are a strong coach and will bring amazing results to all of your clients.

— Jamie J. Fessler

Starting my own business, where I was the sole proprietor and worker, was daunting for me. My confidence was wavering and I knew I had one chance to launch it effectively. This was at the point where Amy helped me see that picking up the pieces of my “to do’s” and putting them in a workable business order was not out of reach. With Amy’s unique business and academic background, her perspective was invaluable. I loved the way she encouraged me, through examples, to find my own solutions.
— Kris Faulk